Weekly updates:

We have the following products from Korda:-
Complete Tackle Boxes. Which are selling fast. *** Only 3 left.***….as well as the Compac220 : the lightweight boxes.
We have fresh maggots as always, but with less sawdust as we had made a complaint to our suppliers!
We have been holding the maggots prices lower than anywhere, but a half pint of maggots will be going from £1.50 to £2.00.A Pint is still great value at £3.50. Come on down and be the early worm that catches the fish!

We have had a fresh delivery of fish this week which include the following:-
Assorted gold fish / Cherry Barb / Assorted Molly / Cleaner Shrimp / Silver Shark 2” / Siamese Flying
Fox M/L / Clown Loach 5cm / Cleaner Wrasse / Gold Euro Ramirezi / Zebra Danios to name but a few. We also have Bloodworm sachets. We have the various foods plus frozen in blister packs as well.

We still have a number of reptiles for sale:
3 beautiful cornsnakes / 1 rat snake / 1 female boa, Daphne / 1 Bearded Dragon, Maisie / 3
tarantulas, 1 Cobolt Blue, 1 Indian Ornamental and a black and white Brazilian. 3 Tortoise,
Maximus who’s aged 3 / Doris is 12 and Noman 9. 3 crested geckos / 1 leopard gecko. Plus,
numerous stick insects of different sizes.

Please check us out on Pentangle-Aquatics.com and or on our Facebook pages:-
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Come in – all are welcome and enjoy our friendly atmosphere.

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