Tropical Fish, Marine Fish And Cold Water Fish


Tropical, Marine & Cold Water Fish

Our recently revamped shop has a large dedicated Aquatics with over 50 Fish tanks of Tropical, Marine and Cold Water fish suitable for the home aquaria.

Live Plants

We hold a large and varied selection of Live plants for your Tropical, Marine and Pond Setups.

Fish Guarantee & Low Prices

We offer a guarantee on all our Tropical, Marine and Fresh water fish and they are all at low, low prices too.

Tropical Fish Species

There are too many types to list individually however they include; Tetras, barbs, live-bearers, cichlids, algae-eaters, fancy goldfish etc. Some unusual species are often available. Some larger (adult) fish e.g. Silver Dollars, Tinfoil Barbs, Pleco`s etc. There is always a selection of “tropical” fish that can live in an unheated aquarium.

Pond Fish

We have a comprehensive selection of Pond Fish during the spring and summer. Choose from; Goldfish, Shubunkin, Fantails, (Golden) Rudd, (Golden) Tench, (Golden/Blue) Orfe, Sturgeon, (Albino) Grass Carp, Ghost Carp, Chub, Gudgeon, Red Minnows, Barbel and of course Koi.

Fish Re-Homing Facility

We offer a fish re-homing facility for incompatible or unwanted aquarium fish. Most species are acceptable however we may have to refuse some due to size or other considerations – please phone beforehand.