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29 May 2019 – only 3 days until the big final!

It’s been awhile since the last blog.  So much has happened and we have many things in stock from reptiles to angling and fish.



Many items are in stock.  If you can’t see what you want ask at the desk either Mick or myself Jo, and we’ll gladly order in.

Also grab yourself a bargain until the end of month as our pint maggots will be going up to £3.50 due to increasing costs.  Our ½ pint is now £2. Buy a pint for the last few days at £3 !

Come on down and be the early worm that catches the fish!


We have many fish in stock.  We’ve now sold the lovely blue lobster, to a happy home.   One adult turtle left. We’ve had many enquiries about baby turtles, unfortunately at the moment we are finding it very difficult to source new ones…but we’re on the case!  

We have all the various frozen blister packs for all the fish and turtles in stock.


We have a number of reptiles for sale, including a new Strawberry corn snake as well as:

4 beautiful standard corn snakes / 1 rat snake, Franklin / 1 female boa, Daphne / 3 tarantulas, 1 Cobolt Blue, 1 Indian Ornamental and a black and white Brazilian.   We now have  a baby horsefield tortoise. We still need a home for Doris and Noman, who live in the front vivarium at the front of shop – reduced to £300 for the pair.

In addition we have:  3 Crested Geckos: Ickle, Tickle and Pickle / 2 Leopard Geckos: Gandalf and George and last but not least  numerous stick insects of different sizes.

Please check us out on Google Pentangle Aquatics and or on our Facebook pages:-

Pentangle Fishing / Pentangle Aquatics / Pentangle Reptiles


Please come in and see our wide range of products on every level.  We are there to help in any way possible. Even though we are in Knaphill still a lot of local people don’t realise we are here.

We are situated opposite the new refurbished ‘Crown pub’  34 High Street Knaphill. Park there for free if rounding off your shop with a nice drink there!

Come in to our shop at anytime – all are welcome to enjoy our friendly atmosphere.


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