We are delighted to inform you we have new fishing products in from Korda, which include:-
• All purpose Carpline, some
• Super Tough Fast sinking Subline and various
• Zig Lines.
Come down and see all of our products. On the front desk there are all the carious flavours of Carp Goo, called Kiana Carp. Plus, new from Crafty Catcher we have ‘Munga Mist’. It’s a spicy boost anytime, anywhere for fishing.
Fresh maggots in weekly as well.

On another level do you have fresh plants for your aquariums? If not, we have fresh plants in the shop in the plant tank. They are well looked after by the 2 little Puffer fish. They keep the water and plants clean and healthy by keeping the snails at bay.

We have finally moved our resident Red Hypo Bearded Dragon, Sergae to the vivariums along the back wall of the shop. That now has freed up the middle part of the shop for our aquariums which we have on sale.
We do amazing Reptile Parties for whoever wants them. These are an ideal birthday present for a 6 + year old (5 at the earliest – as you well know, they lose concentration rapidly and tend to get fidgety and forget about the fragileness of the reptiles!)
We have resident animals for the parties but we also have a selection of animals still for sale. These include:-
• 1 Leopard Gecko,
• 3 Crested Geckos,
• 4 tortoises,
o 2 of those being adult, who live at the front of the shop in the window vivarium under the counter.
• 1 female, Red Hypo Bearded Dragon,
• 1 grumpy Yemen Chameleon, he’s quite a sweetie and last but not least
• 4 snakes, being:
o Angel, the corn snake
o Franklin, the rat snake
o Daphne, the boa constrictor and
o Lilly the Bull python.

Come in! All are welcome to come enjoy our friendly atmosphere.

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